Concierge Caregiving 

Where Luxury Meets Caregiving

Concierge Caregiving is a luxury caregiving service that specializes in caring for high-profile individuals and their family members. Our caregivers are professional, efficient, kind and discrete.

Mainline, PA

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Luxury Caregiving Services

Elder Care

Are you in need of care for yourself or an aging family member? We care for you within the comfort and security of your own home, on vacation, and while you are traveling.

Post-Op Recovery Care 

Are you having cosmetic or orthopedic surgery? If that’s you, our team of highly qualified caregivers will assist you in making your road to recovery as smooth as possible.

Post-partum Care

Did you just give birth? Congratulations!  Hiring a professional caregiver to assist you after giving birth is a great investment in yourself and your beautiful family. 

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Elder Care
Post-Op Recovery Care
Newly Added: Post-Partum Mom Care

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